John's Profile

I am a member of  Sports Therapy Organisation I hold a Diploma in Sports Therapy and a Sports Massage Certificate.  During 2016 I undertook further training in lumbar spine, pelvis and sacral dysfunctions with John Gibbons.  I continue my professional development with the Sports Therapy Organisation.  I am a member of Helm Hill Running Club, Kendal and Kendal Cycle club.

I have been a competitive runner for more than 20 years. I compete in fell, mountain marathon, road and cross country events. During my running career I have had my share of aches, pains and injuries.  I know what it’s like to not be able to train or perform to my optimum as a result of sports injuries.  It is this experience that I bring to my sports therapy practice.  Through my own sports injuries I have generated an interest in muscle maintenance and sports performance which has led me to developing my sports therapy and running performance business.  In treating sports injuries I understand that there needs to be a partnership between the patient and myself.  This partnership requires both partners to play their part in rehabilitation and restoring the patient to full functional fitness. Alongside sports therapy I also provide strength training classes for runners which aim to educate runners in developing core strength and the strength of specific running muscles.




Approaching the Summit of ill Crag

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