I am now working for Kendal Physiotherapy, their phone number is 01539 725 220


Where appropriate during sports massage treatments I help clients to stretch muscles to aid muscle maintenance and recovery.  I also provide individual stretching routines with advice and guidance (these routines can be printed or emailed).  Appropriate muscle stretching reduces muscle tension and improves range of movement.  By increasing our range of movement we are increasing the distance our limbs can move before damage occurs to the muscle and tendons.  By increasing muscle length through stretching we are increasing the distance over which they are able to contract.  This results in a potential increase to our muscles’ power and therefore increases our athletic performance.  Muscle tightness has the opposite effect, it reduces the length over which muscles are able to contract and potentially reduces athletic performance.  Many runners have chronic muscle tightness as a result of neglecting to include regular stretching into their training.  Regular stretching over time will result in a positive effect on running performance.